A thorough post as usual Tiago.

A quick look on Simply Wall Street, which I subscribe to, reveals that Meta looks undervalued and could be of interest.

For me the problems are:

No dividend

Is the digital universe going to be a success? Mr Zuckerberg will be shown to be either having made a big mistake or a great visionary.

Obvious beneficiaries are gamers, but would they transition from their current consoles?

The only example I can think of is the number of attempts at making 3D films starting from around the 1960’s and each one fails.



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To be perfectly honest I'm not too bearish on the metaverse itself. I think there are definite use cases, and while I don't think the amount of cash being poured in is a good idea, I'm not totally against it.

The real sticking point is the poor corporate governance, and that's really not something worth risking.

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