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Great write up. The decision to hold or sell I think depends on if your investment thesis has changed, if you see better opportunities elsewhere, or if you expect a recession/market slowdown.

You're paid a decent dividend while you wait for better opportunities, as you probably have a yield on cost around 6%. Also, they report earnings next week, and FL seems to usually beat expectations, which could bring the share price higher.

On the flip side, I'd say few people will buy new sneakers if a recession comes later this year.

Not investment advice, but personally I'd hold for now and reassess over the next few months.

Also thinking about the Options strategy you shared last week. If you have enough shares, you could sell covered call at the price you're happy to sell the shares at. (If I understood it correctly)

I'm more a buy-and-hold investor, I only sell when the investment thesis has changed, so these are just my own 2 cents :-)

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Good point on the covered calls thing!

This does appear to be the case where a covered call strategy might make sense, though I'm still reticent from a psychological perspective.

Thanks for the advice!



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