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Ep. 1 - A Discussion on T. Rowe Price

Ep. 1 - A Discussion on T. Rowe Price

Why I opened a position

Welcome to the first episode of my podcast!

As I’m sure you’re going to be a bit confused, I wanted to take some time to explain what this is about, and where it fits with the newsletter.

Thank you for reading Tiago’s Newsletter. This post is public so feel free to share it.


This podcast will not replace the normal weekly emails, nor is it intended to.

I find the written analysis, lookbacks and portfolio performance check ins to be quite interesting and useful, not just to write, but to look back on and make sure that my investment thesis still remain months or even years after.

The podcast episodes will not have a regular schedule (and may not come back at all!), and unlike the regular emails where I try to have some semblance of structure, the podcast episodes will be a stream of consciousness being put out unedited.

It may work, it may be useful or interesting, or it may not. Do let me know how you like it (or not) so I know if I should do it again!


With that out of the way…

T. Rowe Price

This is an experimental episode where we will go through my thesis for T. Rowe Price TROW 0.00%↑ and discuss the reasons and my thought process for opening a position in it.

I heavily suggest reading my TROW 0.00%↑ analysis for context on what I'm talking about.

Let me know what you think about it!

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